In a world full of predators, only the most clever of prey can survive...

Unfortunately, sheep aren't exactly known for being clever. 

So, in an effort to protect all things fluffy, we disguised the Sheep!

Brilliant right? We thought so too, until...

Wlost the sheep. Oops. 

This sudden shortage of sheep caused an economic collapse!

Now, everyone is scouring the globe to locate and collect the sheep by any means necessary. So, buckle your belts and tuck in your underbite. It's about to get weird.

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Find and collect sheep

In the game, you'll find different sheep hiding in plain sight. Your job is to collect the required number of unique Flocks as quickly as possible, while protecting them from greedy opponents.

3 sheep make a Flock, so you'll need to search them out using Action Cards.

Beg, borrow, and steal

Or yank, yoink, and expose cards from other players to get what you need!

There are 10 different types of Action Cards, and you can play any number of cards on your turn, so you can build powerful combo moves.

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But watch your back...

Other players will put your Flocks into danger by exposing their disguises. 

Look out for an ATTACK!

Attack Cards are Instant Cards that activate immediately when drawn, DESTROYING all Exposed Flocks. 

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